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Can I order only one box of the hamper?

Yes, you can.

Can I create my own gift box?

Yes, you can create your custom hamper through our website or contact us directly.

Can I add a personalized message? Does it come with a greeting card?

Yes, we can write your personalized message in:

  • free standard postcard that you get for each hamper order or
  • purchased card from our collection

Do you do Custom Orders?

Yes. We accept custom orders with a minimum charge of Rp 1.500.000 and it can be personalized with your branding and/or theme. Kindly contact us for more information.

Can I send additional items to add in my hamper order?

Yes. Please contact us to notify and send your items in advance so we can incorporate it into the hampers. As long as it fits in the original container as per order, no charges will occur. However, if we need to change containers to incorporate your item, a charge may occur.

Will the hampers look exactly like the picture?

Kindly note that our stock always changes. The design chosen will always remain the same, however slight derivations, such as color and pattern, may occur as we might not have the exact item as per our sample picture. The items in the content list will always be honored. In the case that we do not have the exact item, Giftology will substitute it with an item similar or more in value. Photos of the final hamper will be sent to you prior to delivery.

Can I pick the items one by one?

For adult hampers, yes.
For permanent catalog baby hampers & seasonal hampers, no.

Do you offer gift services for corporate orders?

Yes, of course. Please contact us via email or whatsapp to discuss further.

Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

Sorry, No. All orders will only be processed after submitting proof of payment.

Do you do goodie bags & souvenirs for events and weddings?

Yes, of course. Please contact us via email or whatsapp to discuss further.

How do the hampers come?

In the case that you have picked an open style to hamper, we will wrap it in plastic and put a bow in it.
In the case that you have picked a box style hamper, it will be closed and wrapped with a bow.

Can I see the final hamper before it is delivered?

Yes, of course. We will send a picture of the final hamper before delivery to your Whatsapp number. You have one hour to reply if you wish to make changes. Only 1x time revision is allowed. In the case that we do not hear from you, we will proceed to deliver as we have a tight delivery schedule.

What is our return policy?

Our hampers are made by order, therefore all sales are final.

Can you make the hamper if I send all its contents?

No, sorry. We do not provide the service of just putting together a hamper.
The majority of the items must be from Giftology.

How does shipping work? Do you ship nationwide?

Jabodetabek area: We apply a flat shipping rate (see below for rates)

Hamper will be delivered via our partner courier. The hamper will be delivered on the same day that it leaves our workshop. The sender will receive a final picture of the hamper before it leaves our workshop. When requested, we could also share pictures of the delivery note once it’s delivered.

Outside Jabodetabek : We will ship the hamper from Jakarta through the mail. Rates vary based on the volume of the hamper after it is safely packed.

How much does shipping cost?

The flat rate shipping fee for

Jakarta: Rp 70.000
Bogor: Rp 300.000
Detabek: Rp 150.000

For orders outside Jabodetabek, the shipping cost will be calculated according to the volumetric weight after packing.

Do you offer same day Delivery? How soon can I receive my order?

We require at least 4 – 6 hours of production time in advance to make your order. If you need it urgently, please contact us via Whatsapp/ phone us.

Can I pick up the hampers?

Yes, you can pick up the hampers at our workshop by appointment. Please contact us to arrange it.

What happens if the recipient isn't home?

Our driver will wait in the location for 15 minutes. In the case that the recipient is not home, the hamper will be returned to our workshop.

Kindly note that this will automatically result in additional shipping charges. You will need to pay the same amount that you paid for shipping originally.
E.g.; You paid Rp 70.000 for the shipping to a Jakarta address. You will have to pay another additional Rp 70.000 for the return of the hamper to the workshop.
If you want us to re-deliver it to a new address or old address at a later time, you will need to pay another shipping fee accordingly.

What happens if the contents are messed up during shipping?

If you have chosen our delivery method, and it does not arrive in perfect condition, please share the photos of the hamper condition as it arrived. You have the option of sending it back to us to be repaired (Delivery cost on the customer), or we could send you a voucher for a discount for your next order.